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You've heard the old saying; "if walls could talk" haven't you?


Well, ours do!  Southern Salvations is located in a building rich with the history of folks who truly pursued their passion. We are honored to carry on the tradition of doing what we love and sharing it with you. Although broom making is no longer a craft offered here, we feel that Richard would be proud of the craftsmanship and quality of what we offer now. Southern Salvations has made quite a few changes to the building and property in order to better serve you.  We feel right at home here in the old broom shop and think you will too. Come see us.




Once upon a time a man named Richard Henson reached out his hand and asked Ms Barbara to dance.

Little did she know that one dance would lead to becoming the wife of the "Broom Man." 

Mr. Henson shared a legacy and passion for what his grandfathers did before him. He was a 3rd generation broom maker and traditional storyteller. The original Henson Broom shop was located in Casey, Ky and then moved to the Symsonia location where he and Barbara lived.

The Broom Shop ran continuously for nearly 30 years.

Tragically, Mr. Henson passed away while tending the grounds to his beloved shop in 2016 and the doors were closed. 







The year after Mr. Henson's passing his wife Barbara, who still lives on the grounds began discussing with her son, Derrick and daughter-in-law, Deirdre,  the possibility of reopening the shop. The vision for the shop was to open a new store that would showcase Barbara's artistic talents, and her son's woodworking skills, as well as utilize Deirdre's merchandising and design experience. 

"Southern Salvations" was born.


The trio felt the name "Southern Salvations" encompassed the stores past history, rooted Southern locale, and the revival of something that once was. 

Barbara  contributes daily to the shop by painting unique images and creating one of a kind pieces for your home. You'll find her in the studio most every day. Many of her signed editions are on display in the shop.


Derrick combines 30 years of building and construction with a true willingness to hear our clients needs and bring them to fruition. Derrick can be found just about anywhere on the property as an invaluable team member,  but he is truly at home in the wood shop.

Deirdre lends her love for interior design and all things old and new to the visual aesthetics here at Southern Salvations.  She is involved in the buying/marketing aspect of the team. You may also find her behind the counter waiting to greet you more often then not.


In honor of Richard Henson,  June 20, 1949 - April 2nd, 2016

"The Broom Man"

“May you dream of lovely things and wake to find them real"